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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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We all know the importance technology holds in our daily lives; these days, being tech savvy is no longer an option but a necessity. Understanding technology can be overwhelming for people with a non-technical background, PC Ocular was created to overcome this problem.

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About the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Benkő Attila is a Hungarian senior software developer, independent researcher and author of many computer science related papers of international journals with impact factors and also author of several science-fiction stories. His research area is: artificial intelligence, optimization, algorithms, evolutionary learning, virtual reality and embedded software.

Dr. Benkő Attila

He was born in 1983, graduated PhD in Informatics from the Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology at Pannon University, Veszprém in 2015., when he became a computer scientist.

Attila has 6 proven and published theorems in the field of mathematical optimization related to computer science.

Attila has attended national and international conferences and workshops as a scientific lecturer like JASZN in Veszprém (2006), GEO and RCEAS in Budapest (2007), KTD in Veszprém (2008), IARC in Wien (2008), ICCHP in Linz (2008), JASZN in Veszprém (2009), OTKD in Debrecen (2009), BIC-TA in ChangSha China (2010), PTN in Veszprém (2011) and VOCAL in Veszprém (2014) and many more.

He was working at multinational tech-companies as a software tester as well as a software developer and also as a researcher.

He was working on project 2007.ASO-N/4/5. Austrian Science and Research: Künstliche Intelligenz eines Therapieraumes für Gruppentherapie für AphasikerInnen, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften – ÖAW, Wien. Attila also worked on project TAMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0025, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Also has been involved in Project HITACHI Rail Europe high-speed train: Intercity Express Programme (IEP), UK.

He was also part of the research group in Hungary working on a European Union scientific research project: 2017-1.3.1-VKE-2017-00035 NKFI: “Maximális térkitöltésű, additív, robotizált gyártási technológia kutatás fejlesztése” (Cooperation task-force of TCT Company, Szent István University and ELTE University).

He also attended online coding challenges and submissions of coding and problem solving tasks (e.g. at HackerRank).

Attila is also an active member of the Oblivion disaster protection group (Sümeg, Kisfaludy Sándor High School) where he regularly made educational presentations about Operating Systems, Quantum Computers and such.

He was working on codes that are highly safety-critical: brake controls of intercity trains and intelligent building automation PLC control systems and also for calculating tool path of CNC machines and programming mobile industry robotic (MIR) platforms. Recently: electric car inverter base software and industry digital twin software.

At Pannon University (in Veszprém campus and also in Nagykanizsa campus) Attila has been involved in teaching Mathematical Analysis, Virtual Reality and its Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Mathematical Software Packages and Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares.

He speaks Hungarian, English, German and also Japanese.

According to actual Google Scholar data (2021-04-30, https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=txyI5aAAAAAJ) already has 64 Google-crawled citations from other scholars in the computer science field.

Scientific publications of Attila:

  • Yan Lan, György Dósa, Xin Han, Chenyang Zhou and Attila Benko: “2D Knapsack: Packing Squares”, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S030439751200744X Theoretical Computer Science, 508 (2013), Pages 35-40. Impact factor: 0.489.
  • Attila Benko, György Dósa and Zsolt Tuza: “Bin Covering with a general profit function: approximability results”, https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10100-012-0269-0 Central European Journal of Operations Research, Vol 21, Issue 4 (2013), Pages 805-816. Impact factor: 0.484.
  • Yuxin Wang, Attila Benko, Xin Chen, György Dósa, He Guo, Xin Han and Cecilia Sik-Lányi: “Online scheduling with one rearrangement at the end: revisited”,
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  • Attila Benko: “Mesterséges Intelligencia felhasználása csoportos és egyéni virtuális terápia alkalmazásához”, IV. JASZN 2007, pp. 58.

Literature publications of Attila:

  • A gyűrűváros titka, (Nuuvella) 2021.
  • Alien Contact: Science-fiction Adventure, (Amazon Kindle) 2019.
  • The Stars in the Steel Box, (Publio Kiadó) 2018.
  • Human, (Lulu) 2017.
  • Elementary Mathematics Workbook from Grade 1 to Grade 4, Basic Math Exercises for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with Rules, Examples and Solutions, (Publio Kiadó) 2016.
  • A Graviton Küldetés, Tudományos-fantasztikus kisregény, (Publio Kiadó) 2015.
  • Csabrendek Hangjai, Verses Antológia, (Markó és Molnár) 2005.
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  • Antológia 2000., Milleniumi kiadás, (Alterra Svájci- Magyar Könyvkiadó) 2000.

He is also a youtuber:

Attila is also the Editor-in-Chief of PC Ocular blog site.