Learn Assembly in 10 Days! Day 4.

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Assembly language

This is the 4. day of learning Assembly language.

ASCII Table and Simple Math

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This table is used to represent the characters in a character set, such as the character “A” from the Roman alphabet, that is 65 in decimal number.

A decimal number is a number based on the number base ten. The decimal system uses base 10. Binary numbers are also numbers that use base 2. The binary system uses base 2.

Defining Data and Variables

Data is information that is stored in a file or storage device. A variable is a named element of data. Casting refers to the conversion of data from one type to another.

MOV Instruction

The MOV instruction moves data from one location to another.

Copying Smaller Values to Larger Ones

A copy operation copies the value of a variable to another location. The value is copied by the MOV instruction.

INC and DEC Instructions

The INC instruction increments a value in a variable, while the DEC instruction decrements it.

ADD and SUB Instructions

The ADD instruction adds the value of two variables, while the SUB instruction subtracts it.


Array of Strings and Statements: An array is a sequence of values, commonly the elements of an ordered list. An array is an organized collection of values. An array of strings or characters can be used to represent text.

Division: The div instruction divides one number by another.

Branches and Conditions: Conditions are used in programming to determine whether a certain condition is true or false. Branches are used to jump to a new section of code if the condition is true.

Thats all for today, if you want to learn Assembly language in 10 Days. 🙂

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