Tech News: New hardware gadgets

Tech News: New hardware gadgets

We are big fans of new ideas, so we are looking for great programs and technologies that we need to say “Wow!” Let go. We’re also not making noise: it could be a sound system, a mental training system, or even smart teachers. Read our list of the best new technologies for 2021, whether you are a technical addict or looking for a scientific and technical gift for a device found in your life. Stay up to date – we are always up to date on the best tools for your happy viewing.

A decade ago, 4G became a new company, televisions were ugly, and mobile phones were opened. Imagine what the next ten years will bring. If we truly deliver on our potential for innovation, then it is the multitude of technologies that will successfully pull humanity off the shaky edge it is heading for. You know, the one in which we are going to plunge into an irreversible global catastrophe, artificial intelligence, and digital inequality. The dark result, of course! Let us reign for the second time in death and sadness, we know it; easier said than done, and focus on that now. In the past year, startups and many companies have continued to launch new products. Despite the pandemic, there are still new devices suitable for gadgets, from weird things to high-concept things to the most practical things. Here are 27 of the coolest we have seen and used (there is some overlap in Esquire’s 2020 Gadget Awards). Most importantly, these gadgets can make our lives more efficient, safe, and interesting in an orderly way. They look great in our home here. Worst of all, reading this article will ease the trouble for a few minutes, so that they always stay at home with only Alexa and definitely not the company’s PS5 game-changer, and it seems that everything outside is worse.

The cool new technology reminds us that even if 2022 is approaching, people will inevitably invent, develop and change. Remember this is a good thing.

Sony FX3

Sony’s Fx3 is the smallest and cheapest film camera the company produces. It is designed for filmmakers, not photographers, so it can record high-definition video at 120 frames per second for a long time. It comes with a handle, which is ideal for taking from a small angle, and additional sockets for connecting various audio inputs. When you “run and shoot”, it also has in vivo stability. This camera can also be used with unpublished Airpeak drones from Sony. It weighs only 715 grams, which is a little too big to fit in a pocket, but it is light and small and can be carried. Please turn your hands on your favorite YouTube.

Gouthwaite Backpack 23L

The brand behind this bag is called Bear, and its founder’s mission is to allow more people to talk about their mental health outside. The sale of each leather bag will fund free outdoor workshops, from one flight to one in search of mountain bikes. Buyers should only register on their mailing list to know when the course will start. At the same time, even though most of us stayed inside, Bear Stearns donated 10% of sales to The Outward Bound Trust. Most importantly, the company is responsible for carbon emissions, relying on non-fossil fuel-free recyclable materials when possible, and compensating for the remaining carbon.

Current bags are also very smart. There is a quick-release button to hold the top together, just like the buttons used by rescue teams. Wax fabrics are made in Scotland and do not use PFCs (chemicals commonly used in waterproof clothing) that will wash the material and eventually fall off. Substance) flowing in water.

Xbox wireless headset

The new official gaming headsets on the Xbox Series X and S have a lot of features without spending a lot of money, and just once won’t look like an add-on to the Tron movie. The cans are equipped with the latest surround sound (Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS), so you can really hear your footsteps crawling behind you. Inside, there is a smart, drawn microphone that can isolate speech and adjust background noise. It also offers an automatic silent option to turn off the microphone when you’re finished speaking. You no longer have to accidentally walk and breathe heavily. You have to book the full trial until you have a pair in your ears, but this seems to be the smartest way to get comprehensive sound on Xbox.

Transparent speakers

Some things do not get better with transparency, except for public toilets. It is for example these speakers that replace the housing with tempered glass. The founder, the Swedish design studio Transparent, says the speakers use durable and recyclable materials. Each device can be used only as a Bluetooth speaker, connected as a stereo audio system, or connected to existing audio equipment. It can also be upgraded and has a subject at the back to accommodate different modules (such as voice assistant or new wireless technology).

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

It’s been a while, but Xiaomi has unveiled a show of a product it plans to sell this year. It’s called Mi Air Charge technology and it uses 144 micro antennas to connect power to the phone via a waveform. According to the Xiaomi demo, you will be able to walk into a room and start charging your phone, even if there is something on the way. Finally, Xiaomi claims that it can be used to move multiple devices around the living room at the same time. The technologies we have seen have been featured at previous conferences, but have never been close to a true final product.

POC Omne Eternal

Beneath the surface of the helmet is a light-collecting substance called Powerfoile, which converts solar energy into electricity. After cycling to work in the morning, leave the POC Omne Eternal near the sun window to recharge, and in the evening you should have a completely red light on the back of the helmet. Bend the helmet, and also the sensors inside turn on the light. The tail light is not bright enough to turn off these bike lights that you forgot to charge, but it will improve your visibility to others.

Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Infinity jacket

In a nutshell, a non-abrasive liquid is sprayed to make it rain and remove the clothing instead of absorbing it. The cap also means the material underneath is breathable and prevents you from letting the bottom get too hot.

Unfortunately, chemicals have washing properties and cause short garments to pollute the environment. Now Helly Hansen uses a new type of material that has pores small enough to prevent water from entering, but leave the vents hot (sweat). This could mean that the garment may contain moisture without the need for additional coating for the remainder of its life, or contamination may come with the process.

Carol exercise bike

“Be healthy and healthy 26 minutes a week.” This is the bold argument of the manufacturers of this exercise bike that combines high-intensity training with an algorithm to learn your fitness level and create a training regime. Bicycles are built around the concept that energetic exercises are effective to make you healthier. The research results appear to support this idea. There are several studies that show that periods of high-energy activity, interspersed at more stable intervals, move the body out of its comfort zone and improve heart health, lung capacity, fat-burning potential, and more. If you take training seriously, bicycles are entering the growing market for online classrooms, including Peloton Digital and Apple Fitness +.

Vaonis Vespera smart telescope

The idea of ​​a telescope without a cover to look at may inspire other letters from our readers, but we cannot help finding this amazing telescope from an Italian company Vanos (although it costs about $ 1,300). Vespera simplifies the task of astrology. Oscilloscope captures access to your sensors and sends your view to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This means you can set up an external telescope (it has battery life for hours. Four), jump under the lid, and make a detour to see the universe.

The device displays a list of interesting features that the telescope should aim for, such as the birth of a star, and the engines and GPS on the ship look closely at the lens. From there, you can watch live, take photo bags to reveal more details, and share what you see with friends. You can organize things and watch if you want to take something while you sleep. For now, you have to wait until 2022 to get involved in ‘spyglass’, but it’s the older brother, Stellina, who’s for sale now.

Sonos Arc soundbar

Sonos Arc is the first Atmos soundbar, an easy-to-use product, it is difficult to find a balance between function, design, ease of use, and performance. Few soundbars can play such an important role. In fact, it’s our choice to pick the best soundbar. No matter what you watch, it sounds great. The dialogue is very clear, with deep bass and rich detail across the entire frequency range. However, when you listen to the Atmos soundtrack, you’ll really hear the breadth and depth you expect from a more immersive 3D soundtrack, while Arc’s carefully angled handler places sound effects precisely around and at the bottom above you. Of course, if you have other Sonos speakers, or if a great sound system works on its own and can display lively and expressive musical effects, it will suit a wider range of Sonos multi-room systems. Its size means you might want a 55 inch or larger TV as it will reduce the size of objects.

Dyson Corrale hair straightener

Dyson, the company perhaps best known for its future hair conditioners, has spent the last few years entering the world of hair care. His latest launch is the Corral hair straightener, which incorporates an Airwrap hairdresser and stylist into the line. Unlike the hard plates in other straight machines, Dyson claims Corrale’s patented flexible copper plate holds the hair together during styling, allowing less heat to be used to achieve the result you want to fulfill a request. As any hairdresser knows, a lot of heat can cause hair to break down and wear out. I have a head full of curls, and although my hair has been straight at a barber before, I never tried to do it myself, so I tried Corral as a straight new tool. What I like about Corrale is that it can be used wirelessly without loss of performance. It takes 70 minutes to fully charge, then you can just unplug and use it for 30 minutes without those weird wires hitting your arms and hitting your head.

However, if you have a straight sesh, you can easily attach the rope to it as it sticks. When you’re done, just go back to the living area (no carpets are burned here). The compressor only takes a few seconds to warm up, and there are three heating modes: 165° C, 185° C, and 210° C, with an OLED screen and a chime to tell you when it’s coming at your temperature. Suitable for all hair types, warm temperatures are recommended for curly or wavy hair. I knew I had to go through each section of my hair several times until it was smooth, even if my temperature had become a complete blow. Those with straight hair may not have this problem, though. As with all wireless devices, you can use Corrale to create waves and buttons. Even if I was in the first place (and the videos on their website), I did it quickly – the lack of a cable made time and climb faster. The corral is ideal for straight carriers: it can fit in a (large) bag that lasts, and even has a safe flight tag, so you can carry it in your handbag when you fly. But at the cost, it can be beneficial for regular users.

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Benkő Attila is a Hungarian senior software developer, independent researcher and author of many computer science related papers.

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